Maternity and Family Guide

Scheduling Your Session

For most mother to be, anywhere between 32-36 weeks is ideal. The goal is a nice round belly while you are still feeling great and not too swollen or uncomfortable. However, listen to your body! Everyone carries differently and you should schedule accordingly.

Moms of multiples will typically schedule their session a few weeks earlier.

Family sessions are available throughout the year but during holidays, its best to book 2-3 months ahead of time to ensure your availability. Make sure to schedule your family photo session on a day that you or your children will be relaxed and well rested.

Before you arrive

​Get plenty of rest the night before your session. I recommend if you're able to plan your outfits ahead of time, do it!  This will help avoid stress the day of your session. 

If your session is later in the day, make sure to plan children's nap ahead of time. This helps make sure they are not tired during the session. 

Have everyone eat a small snack before your session. Again, you want to make sure everyone is happy. Feel free to bring extra snacks for your little ones. If we need to take a break for them to be happy again, no problem.

What to wear

Clothing plays a huge part  in creating a successful photo. Remember the portrait is about the whole family. If possible, avoid flashy patterns or prints. Prints and patterns distract the eye and draw attention away from what's really important, YOU! Solid colors are a great option.

Matching colors are best. You don’t necessarily all need to have matching outfits, but tops and bottoms should all be of the same tones/colors. 

Jeans are great. They are dark in color and almost everyone owns a pair that look great on them. Maybe stay clear of the old favorites with the rips and holes, but jeans are a perfectly acceptable option. If you are looking for something a little bit more formal, try dark pants, skirts or even khakis.

For mommy to be, you should wearing clothing that shows off that "baby belly!" Empire styles dresses are beautiful and show of the expectant mother's belly nicely, as they "flow" over it. I also have different dress options that you may use during you session. (Please let me know ahead of time so we can schedule a time to view/try on dress before your session.)  It is best to wear nude under garments if at all possible. Avoid busy prints on undergarments to avoid showing through fabrics or clothing. If you plan on showing your belly, please do not wear any elastic over the belly for several hours before the session to avoid a red mark on the skin from the elastic.